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Critiques of City Council Actions

Click here to see a new page that lists all of my campaigns concerning the CET, anti-panhandling ordinance and nuisance ordinance proposed by the Eugene city council.   As of 6-23-19 this has been updated to include critiques of the proposals to add trespass 2 penalties for occupying planter strips as well as the imposition of a new Payroll Tax in the city of Eugene.  https://couchhosting.org/political-campaigns

It Is Time For Right To Rest

Please click on the button below to find out why it is vitally important to not let the precident set by the 9th circuit Boise decision slip away.

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About Us

Introduction & Why Couch-Host?


Important Note: Please Read: CouchHosting.org is NOT a government agency or even a 501 c anything non-profit. After giving it some thought and realizing how irritating it is for me to view pages on other web sites that have ads or pitches for donations scattered all over their sites, I decided to mostly eliminate all pitches for money and discussions of fundraising from this web site. Except for the people viewing the pitch for art card sales in the photo gallery on the homepage, only those people who indicate some level of  interest in making a contribution by clicking on the link that describes how to leave a reply to a blog posting will receive any kind of sales pitch on CouchHosting.org. If you want to see how to leave a reply to a blog post, please click here: https://couchhosting.org/leave-a-reply-etc   

The Egan Warming Centers provide an important resource for the unhoused to get indoors out of the cold overnight when the overnight temps are predicted to be 30F or below in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area.  Please visit http://www.eganwarmingcenter.com/ for the latest updates or call my cell at 541-636-6269 and I can read off the latest info from their web site over the phone.

Introduction To CouchHosting.org:

CouchHosting.org has a few main themes:

* Guest and Host sign ups for couch surfing through the https://freeworlder.com app.  Focused on helping homeless people find free places to crash.  For even more ways to find couch surfing opportunities, also visit https://www.couchsurfing.com .   

* Leads on companies that will help you get qualified for your next apartment by co-signing or insuring your next lease with you for a fee.  That page is here:  https://couchhosting.org/co-signer-opportunities

* I now have a page that gives advice about how to find more for rent listings than offered on Craigslist. That page can be found here:  https://couchhosting.org/lane-county-listings    

* Tips on stretching your budget and how to skip paying bills without penalties if you are unemployed/underemployed. This is on the Homelessness Prevention page, located here: https://couchhosting.org/homelessness-prevention

* A few ways to contribute and earn money even if you aren't able to become employed through traditional channels because you don't have state ID have been added recently. For more information on that, please start by clicking here:  https://couchhosting.org/leave-a-reply-etc   

Why Couch-Host?

Couch-Hosting is a great way to meet new people, many of whom are homeless and in need of a place to crash for a few days. In my brief experiences with hosting homeless and street travelers at my cooling center days at my Peacestickers.net store in the summer of 2017, I found that all of the people in need who visited my store were level-headed and able to keep it together for the few hours that they visited my store, even the ones who let on to being mentally ill or drug users.  Many of the travelers were very culturally sophisticated, beyond my modest cultural inclinations for sure.  If these people were your overnight guests, they would provide you with an enriching cultural experience that you would expect from a foreign traveler visiting from overseas.

Why Stay With A Host?


The people who offer their homes as a place to crash for a few days are often requesting no compensation for their trouble. Please respect their space and their boundaries and please have an alternate space lined up for when you are scheduled to leave to minimize friction when that time comes.  If you are willing to share with your host some of your life experiences, that would more than compensate them for them putting you up for a few days.

How To Sign Up (Now Worldwide!)


To sign up to be either a Couch-Host or a Guest, please consult the detailed instructions about how to use various third party sites to facilitate the sign up process by going here: https://couchhosting.org/3rd-party-bookings-primer  

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or want to find out more about safety tips, please visit the FAQ page located here: https://couchhosting.org/freq-asked-questions


Supporting Organizations:

The development of the CouchHosting.org web site is a personal project of one of the co-chairs (John Thielking) of the Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party, headquartered in Eugene, OR, USA,  and is supported by the Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party.

Contact Us

If you would like to be in touch via e-mail, please send an e-mail to pagesincolor@yahoo.com. Thx!

We love our customers, so feel free to call or text us during normal business hours.


PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440, us

(541) 636-6269