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CouchHosting.org Says Vote No On Measure 102

 The advert that I am running in the Eugene Weekly reads:

says  vote no on measure 102.  What to do instead? Make Social Enterprise be  an incorporation category similar to S-Corp and LLC . Make the big money  social enterprises such as Homes For Good and St. Vinnies be held  accountable by having a triple bottom line as part of their charters.   Don’t give tax money to entities that have already signed onto spending  $2 million for a net gain of zero beds in their family homeless shelter  program and/or that bring us studio apts that rent for over $1100 per  month. If you give me some money I can explore building a $50K-$150k 3-D  printed SRO hostel that rents rooms for $300 per month and is designed  so that homeless people are actually happy to live there.

 How do I achieve the goal of a $50k to $150k total project cost?  Simple.  Put one of these https://www.fastcompany.com/40538464/this-house-can-be-3d-printed-for-4000  here


or here


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About Us

Introduction & Why Couch-Host?

Important Note: Please Read: CouchHosting.org is NOT a government agency or even a 501 c anything non-profit. If you like what you see and want to send a check, please make out the check to my registered business name, which is CouchHosting.org and send it to me at PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR, 97440. Please wait until after Jan 1st, 2018 to send money as your contribution may be taxable for all parties and I would like the opportunity to offset my income from such a source by spending money on big business related projects in 2018 such as a purchase of a duplex that could serve to house up to 10 people at one time, for $135 -$200 per month per person.  Or possibly pay selected homeowners $300 per month for the priviledge of placing a free SDU on their property, that would rent for as little as $200 per person for up to three people per SDU in Eugene or up to 5 people per SDU in Springfield. Or offset the $200-$250 per month that I'm spending on the ad in the Eugene Weekly.  Or put some money towards my sports eating game product development and marketing, which is itself a fundraiser project for more of the above listed projects to help the homeless.

Alert: The Egan Warming Centers in the Eugene/Springfield, OR area will be open for tonight (Dec 10, 2017) and possibly also be open for the next few days.  Please visit http://www.eganwarmingcenter.com/ for the latest updates or call my cell at 541-636-6269 and I can read off the latet info from their web site over the phone.


I now have a few active listings of housing opportunities in Lane County, Oregon to share with you. To see the listings, go here: https://couchhosting.org/lane-county-listings    


CouchHosting.org has three main themes:

* Guest and Host sign ups for couch surfing through the https://freeworlder.com app.  Focused on helping homeless people find free places to crash.  For even more ways to find couch surfing opportunities, also visit https://www.couchsurfing.com .   

* Leads on companies that will help you get qualified for your next apartment by co-signing or insuring your next lease with you for a fee.  That page is here:  https://couchhosting.org/co-signer-opportunities

* Tips on stretching your budget and how to skip paying bills without penalties if you are unemployed/underemployed. This is on the Homelessness Prevention page, located here: https://couchhosting.org/homelessness-prevention

Why Couch-Host?

Couch-Hosting is a great way to meet new people, many of whom are homeless and in need of a place to crash for a few days. In my brief experiences with hosting homeless and street travelers at my cooling center days at my Peacestickers.net store in the summer of 2017, I found that all of the people in need who visited my store were level-headed and able to keep it together for the few hours that they visited my store, even the ones who let on to being mentally ill or drug users.  Many of the travelers were very culturally sophisticated, beyond my modest cultural inclinations for sure.  If these people were your overnight guests, they would provide you with an enriching cultural experience that you would expect from a foreign traveler visiting from overseas.

Why Stay With A Host?

The people who offer their homes as a place to crash for a few days are often requesting no compensation for their trouble. Please respect their space and their boundaries and please have an alternate space lined up for when you are scheduled to leave to minimize friction when that time comes.  If you are willing to share with your host some of your life experiences, that would more than compensate them for them putting you up for a few days.

Additional Leads And Services

In addition to Hosts and Guests listings, the site will also soon offer listings for people offering and people seeking monthly room rentals and apartment or house rentals. These listings are primarily intended to be filled by those people who are offering and seeking what could be termed to be sub-prime housing, where the tenant does not meet the traditional income requirement of making 3x the rent and/or does not have at least a 600 fico score. Listings and opportunities to make connections between investors who wish to act as co-signers and/or sub-lessors for sub-prime tenants for small monthly fees to the investors will also be set up to accommodate those situations where a landlord with more traditional screening criteria is willing to allow a co-signer or sub-lessor to assume responsibility for qualifying to rent the unit.. New: Co-signing opportunities may now be viewed here: https://couchhosting.org/co-signer-opportunities

New section with Homelessness Prevention Tips is here:


How To Sign Up (Now Worldwide!)

To sign up to be either a Couch-Host or a Guest, please create a profile on the app or web site called  https://freeworlder.com . Please include in your FreeWorlder profile that you are offering to host guests or that you want to crash somewhere. Please indicate that you would like to stay or host, and the number of days that you would like to stay in one place or host one or more people for. Also list how many people and pets are in your party or how many people and pets you are willing to host at any one time.

If you have a good or a bad experience with a user of FreeWorlder, please send an e-mail to pagesincolor@yahoo.com and I will post your comments on either the Guest or Host pages of CouchHosting.org.  Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions or want to find out more about safety tips, please visit the FAQ page located here: https://couchhosting.org/freq-asked-questions 

Supporting Organizations:

The development of the CouchHosting.org web site is a personal project of one of the co-chairs (John Thielking) of the Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party, headquartered in Eugene, OR, USA,  and is supported by the Lane County Chapter of the Pacific Green Party.

Fundraising Activities for

Updated 8-1-18: The NationalTurnoverLeague.com fundraising program has been discontinued, since the last straw was the Washington Redskins' management was all but sex trafficking the team's cheerleaders, including taking away their passports while they entertained VIP's in a foreign country.  So I'm all through with promoting football, especially the NFL. 


My next art card project is now underway.  The first art card from this project (the dog on the couch in the photo gallery on this page) is now available for sale. If you want one of those art cards, please send a donation of $5 to CouchHosting.org, PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440 or drop by my Friday yard sales from 10AM-6PM at 1017 W 8th Ave #3, Eugene, OR 97402.

If you want to have you and your pet and your couch be featured in the next art card, please e-mail me at Pagesincolor@yahoo.com or call or text me at 541-636-6269.

7-6-18 Update: I think that I'm going to make Friday yard sales at my place at 1017 W 8th Ave #3, Eugene, OR 97402 from 10AM-6PM be a thing for awhile and see how I do. I have Peacestickers.net bumper stickers, buttons and t-shirts (note that the web site is now up, with all of the items that are for sale by mail order displayed in the photo gallery), plus other fair trade items such as hackey sacks and purses and bags from Guatemala and United Farm Worker apparel, plus gobs and gobs of fair trade costume jewelry. These are all new items, not used items. All items come with a 30 day money back (in any condition) guarantee. Most of the proceeds (above my cost for the items) go to benefit the homeless, via my web site CouchHosting.org, with the first little bit of $$ that comes in covering expenses for the web site and advertising, but also two thirds of daily sales (up to a maximum benefit of $40 per day) are counted a second time, and go towards paying off a loan given to a formerly homeless woman that currently has a balance of over $1000. 

 10-4-18 Update: The yard sale has now been expanded to include the following program: Bring a printout of your desired blog post to the yard sale and I will pay you $5 for it. Limit one blog post per customer per week.  It is not guaranteed that the program will continue for the following week, as funding is very limited.  If the program is suspended, notice will be posted here.  Thank you. 

New Features: Paid To Blog and Selling Art Cards

CouchHosting.org is partnering with another web site under the same management ( https://peacestickers.net ) to bring you an income opportunity that will both enhance your security as well as fund journalism at a more robust and reliable level than is currently available with advertising supported blogs, donation supported blogs or blogs located behind a paywall.  The idea is to have all communications about the content of the blog and the replies to it be sent via USPS to the PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440. If you want the NSA to be unable to track the origin of your letter, please leave off your return address from the outside of the envelope. Also consider using a security envelope that has printing on the inside to scramble attempts to read the contents of the envelope without opening the envelope.  To post a blog post for free, please send your typewritten manuscript of up to 4 single spaced pages to the PO Box.  To reply to a blog post, please send a donation of $1 along with a reply of up to 1 page single spaced typewritten text to the PO Box. People sending replies of more than 1 page are requested to please include an additional donation of $1 per additional page.  If you send cash or fail to fill out the money order completely on a money order that was purchased with cash, the NSA will not be able to track the origin of the payment.  You may also choose to not use your real name when making a blog post or sending a reply.  The blog posters are paid $0.50 for every $1 paid  reply, if the blog poster includes a way to contact them and/or send payments in the letter that they send to the PO Box.

Homeless or formerly homeless people are especially encouraged to join Paid To Blog.  Tell the world your story. If you come by the yard sale, you can drop off your manuscript (handwritten is OK) and if you want your picture posted along with your work, I can take your picture at that time too.

Also under development is the selling of art cards on the street for up to $5 each as a way of enhancing your income. You may obtain a free pack of 20 art cards to try your hand at selling them by visiting the weekly yard sale at 1017 W 8th Ave #3, Eugene, OR 97402 on Fridays between 10AM-6PM. Rain does not cancel, but if the outside temp is predicted to be a high of over 90F or below 50F, then sale is cancelled for that week, though I will still be inside the apt and you can knock on the door to get your free pack of cards or transact other business. After the first 20 cards, I ask that you pay 20 cents per card. Mail orders of cards are always 20 cents  per card, ie no free samples, but with free shipping.  An 8.5" x 11" sign that you can use to help you sell the cards without having to pitch verbally to every person who walks by on the street is under development.

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If you would like to be in touch via e-mail, please send an e-mail to pagesincolor@yahoo.com. Thx!

We love our customers, so feel free to call or text us during normal business hours.


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