Paid To Blog And Political Campaigns

by John Thielking

OK folks, I just this afternoon got off of the phone with my legal  shield attorney who explained a couple of things to me about my paid to  blog scheme.  First, I am not selling securities by preselling three reply coupons for $2 as part of the fundraiser that runs through October 17th. Second, it would be best if no money changes hands for posting  political candidate's statements and the replies to those statements.  The same goes for endorsement letters . Bloggers who decide  to run for office would still be paid for replies to their non campaign  posts. Because I am not going to be paid for this free service, I may  be limited in the amount of material that I can post,  just like a  regular newspaper.  Considering how entities such as the Catholic Church  often control local politics in many communities,  it would be  desirable to have a means of making anonymous political postings where  being anonymous doesn't violate any campaign finance laws.


To reply to this blog post, please type out your reply on a sheet of paper (How Quaint!) and send it, along with a minimum donation of $1, via USPS to, PO Box 10631, Eugene, OR 97440, USA. Please indicate what posting title, posting date and author you are replying to.       

If you do little things to obscure the meta data for this transaction, such as sending cash or an incompletely filled out money order that was purchased with cash, plus don't include a return name and address on the envelope and don't use your real name in the reply, then the only meta data that the NSA can gather about the transaction was that you viewed this page on your computer and what mail processing center the letter originated from. There is little to no chance that they would figure out who actually sent in the reply, even if they get a warrant and start opening all of my mail. And that is part of why I'm running this blog in this exact way.       

The other part of why I charge $1 to send a reply via USPS, is to support the bloggers on the site via the donations received. Each blogger receives 50 cents of every dollar donated to cover the costs of posting replies to the blog entries that they wrote. You can start getting paid for your own blog posting(s) for free by sending your own blog post of up to four pages typewritten to the PO Box. After October 17th, 2018, there will be a $1 per page charge for submissions, just like there is for replies. Your blog posting will be posted as a new thread with your writing at the top. If you include your real name and return address, I will automatically send you a money order each time your earnings exceed $20. Please indicate if you would like to have your original printout returned to you or if you want me to shred it, as I do with all anonymous replies that pay me $1 per reply. Blog