Section 8 Disclaimer Modified

It has recently come to my attention that there are a couple of Urban Legends concerning Section 8 that need to be myth-busted. I reviewed the  Lane County Planning Manual at the HACSA office recently (Jan 3rd, 2018) and found out that room mates are allowed for Sec 8 voucher holders, so long as the situation does not occur where the apartment obtained with a Sec 8 voucher is subleased. It is perfectly OK to have separate leases for separate rooms in shared housing, for example. See Section 15 of the manual for more details. At least three sources, including the manual and one person's personal experience in applying to get an apartment suggest that it is also perfectly OK to have a co-signer when applying to use a Sec 8 voucher. What is not clear yet is how the companies listed below handle people who are on Section 8. In the ideal world they should allow people on Sec 8 to qualify to have a cosigner based on their incomes being a multiple of the rent owed, instead of a multiple of the total rent, but that remains to be seen. Please e-mail me at if you find out anything when you contact any of those companies. Thanks. --John Thielking

Co-Signer Opportunities


image4 is a site that is available in all 50 states where prospective tenants can have LeaseLock act as an insurer of a lease on selected apartments in place of a co-signer or guarantor.  The fee structure has recently been modified so that now instead of paying 1/2 month's rent up front, the tenant is billed a monthly fee of as low as $29. In many cases, the Lease-Lock insurance will cover the security deposit, so that the total move in cost can be as low as one month's rent plus $29. Unfortunately, LeaseLock is not functioning as a guarantor, so you will be likley promptly evicted if you don't pay your rent on time.  LeaseLock covers most losses to the landlord only after the fact. If the property that you want to lease is not on their preapproved list, ask the landlord about signing up for LeaseLock when you file your application and also contact LeaseLock to see if they can hurry the process along for approving your prospective landlord.

image5 will connect you with investors who act as co-signers, for a fee that ranges from 50%-100% of one month's rent. Available in all 50 states. Note that this one says nothing about screening for a background check.

The Guarantors

image6 mainly operates in the NYC area and will act as Guarantors on apartment leases.


image7 operates co-signing programs in the following states: over 400,000 units across NY, NJ, MA, VA, MD, DC and IL.



Apply for a co-signer in all 50 states. Min $700 rent and clean background required. Apply at

You may have your business advertisement placed here for a flat monthly fee.


I normally charge $50 per month for this spot, but if you create a profile and then look me up on, I can let you have this spot for free!