CouchHosting.org & Peacestickers.net 2019 Fundraising Request:

Meyer Memorial Trust has put out an RFP for grants to work on various housing issues of up to $75k per year for up to two years. I took a brief look at that and considered applying, even though it would have required reorganizing CouchHosting.org as a qualified non-profit.  However, upon closer examination of the fine print, it was determined that a Myer grant would not be a good fit for my organization because none of the grant money can be used, even indirectly, such as I presume for paying for office space, for any political campaigns, including merely lobbying for or against legislation.  I really don’t understand what is up with these people who think that it is possible to form an effective housing solutions advocacy organization that does not in some way interact with local, state or federal govt legislation campaigns. It is for this reason, in addition to wanting to maintain control of the CouchHosting.org organization under the sole proprietorship model, that I have decided not to work with the Myer Memorial Trust or any other similar grant writing/producing organizations.

I’m looking to raise a modest $50,000 to cover one year of operating expenses for the following items:

Ramp up the game for CouchHosting.org and Peacestickers.net to include more outreach and advertising and an actual storefront.

Up to $2,000 per month to rent a 1000 sq ft or so retail storefront on a month to month lease with visibility from a nearby busy street in Eugene or Springfield. This spot would function both as a regular retail store as well as a day center for people to hang out at to get warmed up in the winter or cool off in the summer (the same as the mini store that I had for awhile over at W 11th and Chambers for Peacestickers.net).

Up to $600 per month for advertising in the print and online editions of the Eugene Weekly.

Up to $160 per month for underwriting both the morning and evening Democracy Now! shows on KEPW.

20% of the amount raised would go to compensating John Thielking for his time invested in the project and to cover any taxes due to the local, state or federal governments, as the sole proprietorship is not tax exempt and anything not classified as a business expense that can be written off in the same tax year that it is raised would be taxed.  

That leaves approximately $15,000 in the 2019 tax year that could be spent on various projects such as due diligence and fundraising for 3d printed housing and/or prefab housing projects, possibly to be called the Roy H Thielking house, named after my late father who passed away on October 18th, 2018 after being the victim of a distracted driving accident in Chapala, Mexico. 

Other projects could include using the money as seed money for a paid canvasser door to door campaign on such issues as recruiting  couch hosts and donors as well as a campaign for a homeless bill of rights/right to rest bill.

I don’t have a GoFundMe set up for this yet.  Please send donation checks made out to:

 CouchHosting.org, PO Box 10631, Eugene, Oregon, 97440.  

Thank you.


John Thielking



PO Box 10631

Eugene, Oregon 97440