Lane County Oregon Listings

Couch Surfing Spot in Eugene, OR


This spot is my own apartment and is no longer available because it is being occupied by a permanent renter. 

Couch Surfing Spot in Pleasant Hill, OR


There is a nice person who responded to the ad I placed on who had a place in Pleasant Hill, Oregon, However, this person has recently withdrawn their offer for various personal reasons.

How To Find Many More Opportunities To Rent Than Are On Craigslist


To find many more listings than are currently on, all that I did was have someone drive me around the areas of E 17th Ave and High Street and also W 11th and Oak Patch in Eugene, OR and I wrote down phone numbers and prospective property names from the for lease signs that abounded. That part took about one hour. Then I spent another two hours using Google to look up the property names and addresses and made some phone calls to the phone numbers to find out what was available. In the process, I stumbled across various meta-listing web sites that let me sign up for e-mail alerts about new listings in my price range. Some of the listings that I used to have on this page were taken from the meta-listing sites as well as the sites directly associated with the property names. I wish you the best of luck in your search. Cheers! :>)

Ongoing Transitional Housing Opportunity in Downtown Eugene, OR for $380/mo


This was the one listing that was still available from my short list, but it has now been withdrawn for the reasons outlined on the FAQ page.

More Opportunities Exist Than Are Listed On Craigslist


I have it on good authority that there are many, many 'for rent' signs on apartment buildings near the UO and also in West Eugene, likely many more for rent opportunities than represented by the listings on Craigslist. I reccommend that you scout around and see what kind of deal you can make with the various landlords in the area. The word is that the speculators have overbuilt student housing and did not anticipate the current situation where UO enrollment is some 5000 or more students lower than expected.  Also look for more opportunities on and .  

Another good source of cheap rentals is Facebook here:  

AirBnb Opportunities


The website called has 81 listings of rooms for rent for $14-$33 per night in Eugene, OR. There may be simillar deals available in your town, even if you don't live in Eugene, OR.  I used to think that airbnb was just used by people who wanted to make obscene profits off of their rooms for rent, but not anymore. Even the higher rates on airbnb are often much cheaper than a motel room and provide a lot more space, such as access to a living room, deck, hot tub and full kitchen in many cases.