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My ancient and beloved life’s work, AKA went offline in December 2017 after the site was hacked when it was being hosted by E-Silverbullet.  I probably never will restore the site to be hosted under that same domain name, but I have decided to host an archived version of the link farm portion of the site on my three currently existing websites, and

Below is the link to the Internet Way Back Machine’s archive of the site that was last updated in 2017 followed by the archived versions of the links that were on the site at that time.

John Thielking 

Alternative Media:  

Updated 1-8-2012: Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

What's left of the Santa Cruz Alarm Newspaper 

Berkeley Daily Planet

Between The Lines

Coast to Coast AM radio show 

Counter Punch Magazine list of media sources
Note that this site is no longer writing its own stories, but it still has lots of useful links to alternative media sources.

Democracy Now Radio Program on the Web 

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

101.3FM Free Radio Santa Cruz
(the only "illegal" link on my entire site)

Free Speech Radio News 

Free Speech TV 

Free Speech TV Books and Videos Website 

The Gaurdian (UK) 

Jim Hightower
100% listener sponsored, independent, progressive news and views for the SF Bay Area.
Most past shows are archived for two weeks. Listen anytime for free.

Michael Moore’s website 

The Mirror (UK) 

Mother Jones Magazine 

The Nation Magazine 

National Public Radio
The Iranian govt run tv station in English. Lots of informative, alternative views on the Middle East and the real reasons why there is so much violence there.  For insight on the latest situation in Syria, check out this:  If you are having trouble watching the video (slow download) just press pause, go out to eat and come back when it finishes downloading. The little grey bar at the bottom will fill in all the way from left to right when it is done. Comcast did this to me too, but I worked around it this way.  Good luck.

The Progressive Magazine 

Project Censored (The top 25 censored stories)

Richard Quigley's radio programs on KSCO 1080 AM
Alternative 24/7 news and views from Russia Today. Includes many on demand videos of past programs.

Santa Cruz Indymedia (Activist Media for Santa Cruz) 

Unanswered Questions' Best 9-11 sites (and other alternative media sites)

Women’s International News Gathering Service 

Workers World Newspaper 

The World Socialist Web Site 



Chemtrails are contrails spread in the sky that appear to be more persistent than regular contrails and seem to harbor chemical or biological toxins. Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.  

Chemtrails 911 

Lifeboat News 

Chemtrail Hall Of Shame: Documenting Illegal Spraying Operations Above the Pacific Northwest 

Finally - A Chemtrail Aerosol Breakthrough? 

Chemtrails Over America 

Chemtrails Webring 

Cell Phones and Electromagnetic Radiation:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

The Air Force’s page on EMF experiments 

ARRLWeb: RF Radiation and Electromagnetic Field Safety 

Bridlewood Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) Information Service 

Dr. Niel Cherry On Cell Towers

More On Cell Towers 

Cell phones linked to cancer. 

EMFRAPID Home: Electric and Magnetic Fields Research and Public Dissemination Program 

EMR Network - Search Results for: EMF Cancer 

Human Radiation Experiments Information Management System 

Medscape Article on Cell Phone/Cancer Risk 

Medscape Article #2 on Cell Phone/Cancer Risk 

NIH Report Labels EMF as Possible Human Carcinogen. 

Radio Frequency Safety 

Report: Medical Research Indicates Cell Phone Cancer Risk 

How much energy does a particular model of cell phone emit? ( 

Science News: EMFs' biological influences.(electromagnetic fields) 

Sierra: Current Risks.(Health hazards of electromagnetic fields and how to reduce them.)

Study: Human Cells Amplify Wireless Phone Radiation.

The other side of the cell towers issue and powerlines issue: 

Powerlines and Cancer Not Linked 

Depleted Uranium:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well. Some of this info was taken from a flyer received at the Hands Arround the Lab event in Livermore ,CA on Sunday August 10, 2003. Other information was obtained through a local activist in Santa Cruz.

British decide to stop using depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium Dennis Kyne Website 

Bibliography: Military Use of Depleted Uranium (DU) 

Blog on Depleted Uranium

Facts, Myths and Propaganda In the Debate Over Depleted Uranium Weapons 

A List of Facilities for Fabrication of Depleted Uranium ammunition 

DU Watch -- a source for all kinds of DU information 

2001 BBC News story about vets from the first Gulf War 

Iraqi Cancers, Birth Defects Blamed on U.S. Depleted Uranium

Is the Pentagon giving our soldiers cancer? 

The Fire This Time Website

US forces’ Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons is Illegal 

Extreme Birth Deformities caused by Uranium 238 

Weapons of Mass Deception: What the Pentagon Doesn’t Want Us To KnowAbout Depleted Uranium.

E-mail questions to CNN and ask them to investigate 

Fill out an information request form for CNN 

The Environment:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

American Lung Association

American Rivers

Center for Clean Air Policy

Center for Health, Environment and Justice

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Clean Water Action

Conservation International

Consumer Federation of America

Critical Mass Energy Project

Defenders of Wildlife

Ducks Unlimited

Earth First!

Earth Island Institute

Earthwatch Institute

Electric Auto Association

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental Law Institute

Environmental Organizations 

Freedom From Hunger

Friends of the Earth

Green Festivals

Greenpeace USA

Greenpeace International

Habitat For Humanity

Institute For Local Self-Reliance

International Planned Parenthood Federation

Izaac Walton League of America

Land Trust Alliance

League Of Conservation Voters

National Audubon Society

National Park Foundation

National Parks Conservation Association

National Wildlife Federation

Natural Resources Defense Council

Physicians For Social Responsibility

Planned Parent Federation of America

Population Reference Bureau

Population Resource Center

Public Citizen (Ralph Nader site)

Public Interest Research Group (PIRG)

Rachel Carson Council Inc

Rainforest Web Portal 

Rainforest Action Network 


Renew America

Resources For the Future

Rocky Mountain Institute

The Rodale Institute

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Social Investment Forum (Responsible Investing)

The Student Conservation Association

The Ocean Conservancy

The Wilderness Society

Trust For Public Land

Union of Concerned Scientists

Water Environment Federation

Wildlife Habitat Council

Wildlife Management Institute

Wildlife Society

World Resources Institute

World Wildlife Fund

Worldwatch Institute

Pro fluoridation

As bottled water sales soar, so may cavities 

Bottled Water and Fluoride: Questions & Answers

Dietary Reference Intakes for Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Vitamin D, and Fluoride

Fluoridation: Don't Let the Poisonmongers Scare You!

Linus Pauling on Fluoridation

Milk Fluoridation in China

National Cancer Institute on Fluoridation and Cancer

National Center For Fluoridation Policy And Research 

Pro Fluoride Fact Sheet

Study Finds Some Bottled Water Has More Bacteria And Less Fluoride Than Tap Water.

Anti fluoridation

Canadian Dental Association advises against fluoride supplements for young children. 

Chemistry textbook shows fluoridation dangers. 

Esteemed voices against fluoridation 

FDA Museum: The FDA has tried to ban bottled water.

Fluoridation: Commie plot or Capitalist Ploy?  

Fluoridation News 

Fluoridation: The Overdosing of America. 

Fluoride : A critical topic in nutrition and health. In print resources. 

Fluoride Action Network

Fluoride: FDA Unapproved. 

Fluoride Linked to Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit and Behavior Disorders 

Fluoride toothpaste alert 

How much Arsenic is fluoridation adding to the public water supply?

International Society for Fluoride Research 

Lead poisoning resource page 

Newsweek article on Fluoride and Cancer

Organic Chemist for Shell exposes dangers of fluoridation

Preventive Dental Health Association 


Santa Cruz Citizens for Safe Drinking Water initiative passes March 2, 1999 

MTBE phaseout?

Genetically Modified Organisms:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

Companion Planting (an alternative to GMO crops for yield enhancement)

Crop Choice: Alternative News for American Farmers

Farmers' Perspectives on GMOs

More Farmers' Perspectives on GMOs (GMO yields not living up to Monsanto's expectations.)

Pro GMO Farmers' Perspectives

Farmers Pressing State Attorneys General to Stop Frankencrops Onslaught  

GE Food Alert 

Genetically Engineered Foods Should NOT Bear Special Labels 

Genetically Modified Organisms: Links to regulations and other information.

Identity Preservation of Crops In New System of Production 

The National Nutritional Foods Association 

New Research Suggests Bt-Corn Not Harmful To Monarch Butterfly 

Non-target effects of Bt corn pollen on the Monarch butterfly (Lepidoptera: Danaidae) 

Organic Consumers Association 

Organic Consumers Org 

PBS: Harvest of Fear: Should We Grow GM Crops? 


Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

Bringing America

New! Homeless Search Engine.

Regional task force on the homeless, San Diego, CA

Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness

Peace and Justice:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well. 

American Civil Liberties Union 

Anti War Commentary by a soldier 

Santa Cruz Bill Of Rights Defense Committee 

Civil Rights Resource Manual 

Civil Rights of registering people to vote 

Free Faxes to Your Members of Congress on important issues 

Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space 

How the Patriot Act affects online activities. 

International A.N.S.W.E.R.

Lawyers against the war. 

No-fly blacklist snares political activists. 

New! Peace Group Search Engine 

Peace News-- CO Alerts 

Resource Center For Non-Violence 

School of the Americas Watch 

Stop Nukes In Space 


Traprock Peace Center 

Vietnam Friendship Village Project

Vietnam Veterans Against the War 

Voices In The Wilderness 


War Resisters League 

Why is the US Media Blacking Out Doccumentary On War Crimes in Afgahnistan? 

Political Prisoners:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

New! Political Prisoners Search Engine

List of Political Prisoners and POW's in the US

Free the Carson City 10 Homepage

Death Penalty Mistakes the Rule

Education Not Incarceration article on

Kevin Cooper:
For a more recent update, go here 

New hearing scheduled for Jan 2007:

Hugo Pinell

Leonard Peltier

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee 

Leonard Peltier Petition

Lori Berenson is in the News 

Letter to the Editor -- Kansas City Star, 2 July 1999 

Lori Berenson

Ruchell Cinque Magee
or go to: 

The Rap on H Rap Brown 

More on H Rap Brown 

Juvenile Death Penalty 

The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal 

Santa Cruz Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and All Political Prisoners Commentaries by Mumia Abu-Jamal 

Lie Detector Test Confirms that Arnold Beverly shot Officer Faulkner 

Chicago Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal 

Oakland, CA Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia website

Free the Cuban Five 

October 22nd Coalition to end police brutality 

The West Memphis Three

The 9-11 Controversies:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well.

A web site with many links to the 9-11 controversies is  The

Or go directly to links on

Also check out for the latest updates on the 9-11 RICO suit against the Bush administration.

Unanswered Questions' best 9-11 sites (and other alternative media sites).

Scholars For 911 Truth

Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance For 911 Truth

911 Blogger

The Opposition:  

Here are some links that we have found useful and you may find useful as well. The opposition is fun to watch and know what they are up to!

Pro Nuclear Power In Space! 

Nuclear Power In Space Message Board